Rangoli is a Kannada word for an art form that includes infinite symbols & patterns

In India, rangoli is often found at the entryway of people's homes, or even businesses; any threshold of significance. They're believed to ward off evil or negative spirits. Rangoli are typically intricate, like a maze, to make it difficult for such spirits to make their way into the space

The pattern above is 'Loose End of Sadi of Sita'. I haven't been able to find it's precise meaning yet; nor am I sure there is one. Its aesthetic simply stuck with me

I was doing research on tribal tattoos in India when I found Loose End of Sadi of Sita. Rangoli tattoos were thought to protect their wearer as well. The complex paths again, were thought to make it difficult for demons to harm the tattooed

I like to think I was fortuitously drawn to this particular design. Triangles represent the 'yoni' or divine female power, which for obvious reasons is compelling

I'm not tattooed (yet), and I'm not particularly religious or spiritual. Still, the beliefs surrounding rangoli, especially in its tattooed form; that they define perceptions of existence, maturity, personhood & cultural pride, are what I hope this space will provide me + you.